Or maybe Tatsuya…?

Mmm… maybe I have to reconsider my ultimate sushi.

Had a marvelous sushi dinner in Tatsuya. One of the top sushi places in Singapore and definitely chubbyhubby’s favourite!
It’s a close call. I definitely still prefer by far my own freshly caught mackerel above their Japanese mackerel with yuzu. But they make some delectable seared nigiri’s. With a torch they turn an already mouthwatering tuna belly in a “to die for hot and cold sushi’. The scallop and foie gras is deliciously decadent. The salmon nigiri, torch blown, blows away my mind, it melts in your mouth.
I was too stupefied to take pictures.
22 Scotts Road
Goodwood Park Hotel
Tel: 6887 4598

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