Can’t get enough? Take a look at my book!

A gastronomic family unites every Christmas around a long table.

A delicious homemade Christmas dinner fills the house with lovely aromas. Laughter and tears echo in the dining room. Old and new stories are shared. It’s a grand time!

But sadly the mater familias left us in December 2009. So I decided to create something in her honor. In honor of our ancestors whose many memories and values are disappearing quickly in this ‘fast-moving-internet’ generation. I decided to create a family cookbook. All members have contributed their favorite dish. And without asking them, you’ll see that many turn spontaneously to an old family recipe they learned from their mother or grandmother.

I give you a book filled with love and warmth to pass on to the next generations…. To enter kitchens looking for some innovative tradition… To keep memories alive… To inspire your own family dinners!