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  1. Anonymous says:

    What a weekend ! I have just had the pleasure(and honour) of being sous-chef to Ariane as she prepared a midday meal for 35 people celebrating a family Confirmation. Her mother and I rolled about 400 mini meatballs, we de-boned about 20 Sea Bass fillets and removed about 500 grams of (late decision) unwanted mushroom slices from the pasta sauce. Of course, we sampled almost everything and I can still recall the taste of some of the marvellous flavours used. I hope the menu and some of the recipes will be posted soon !
    Bravo, Head Chef at No. 59 ! GK

  2. papercut says:

    There you go!
    Now you know why I’m exhausted!


  3. papercut says:

    And special thanks to you G!!!
    You made me survive this weekend gracefully!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Yes, I’m sure our nana would be delighted! and so are we! Suzy

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