Feasting and Fasting: Spicy Thai noodle soup

Mmm the holidays are finally here. 
Festivities with the big family, the small family, the colleagues, the new friends, the old friends…

Delicious food here and there…

Lazy Sundays, lingering brunches, bread and cheese for a ‘light’ lunch, a cup of tea with a cookie (or three), five course dinners with delicious game and scrumptious sauces and a little chocolaty dessert… Finished off with champagne, gin tonic, delicious wines, digestive…!?

You name it… No limits!


Fun fun fun!

But… djeezes I feel like a gigantic ballooning jellyfish!

And we are only half way. We still need to do the big part two! The gorgeous wonderful New Year’s Eve lady still has her grand première coming up!

So what shall I make for my goodbye party that was humbly put between Sir Xmas and Queen New Year? (Yes yes! The Hidden Glasshouse is moving to Australia next week! )

More dark sticky stews, a pasta, French fries with hamburgers or a gorgonzola risotto?  

No No No! Noo more!

I want something healthy, refreshing, spicy and slightly sour! Something that also helps to fight this cold that seems to have decided to stick around until next year.

A fragrant Thai chicken broth with loads of lemongrass. Yes!!!

It’s easy peasy! It’s NOT I repeat NOT time consuming!

And its exotic warmth and tangy lemony zest are perfect to compensate for all this holiday frenzy! Just the thing to get you ready for New Year’s Eve extremely succulent slow roast pork shoulder!

Spicy Thai Noodle Soup

By Ariane Annicq

Serves 4

For the soup:

1 chicken

2 onions

2 carrots

2 large thumb sized pieces of ginger

2 sticks of lemongrass

3 small chilies

1teaspoon chili paste

Juice of 2 limes

Stems of coriander leaves

1 tablespoon dried tamarind

2 tablespoons fish sauce

Handful kaffir lime leaves

For the garnish:

Bean sprouts

Mushrooms, finely sliced

Water chestnuts, chopped (optional)

Coriander leaves, finely chopped

Spring onions, finely chopped

Thai chili paste

Fresh ginger and fresh chili, finely chopped

lime pieces
1 pack Rice noodles or egg noodles

In a large pot place your chicken and the other ingredients for the soup. Top up with water and bring to a boil. Then reduce the heat and simmer for maximum 2-3 hours. (Just forget about it for a couple of hours). Taste it. Add more lime juice if not sour enough or more fish sauce if not salty enough.

Debone your chicken and put the shredded chicken pieces back into the soup.

When ready to serve add the bean sprouts, mushrooms and water chestnuts.

Cook your noodles according to the package instructions.

Now serve a spoon of noodles and top with ladles of soup, chicken and vegetables.

I like to make little bowls with the different toppings (i.e. coriander, spring onions, chili paste, ginger, fresh chili, lime). This way people can season this fragrant broth to their own taste and likening.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Was lovely! Thanks for hosting another great party!
    Sad to see you go, but really happy for you and I can’t wait to try out you Australian flavoured dishes soon!
    Big hugs,
    Alex, JB and Marieke

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