Lucky Bastard

It’s with great pride that I announce to you that I’m a damn lucky bastard!
I’ll reveal you some of the amazing adventures we encounter here. I’ll give you some snapshots of how we spend our weekends in Asia!

First weekend I had the opportunity to visit my sister who lives in Singapore. On top of that I sailed in a ‘once in a lifetime’ regatta. Together with the rest of the Asia Sailing Tour we sailed with Longtze’s ( in the Singapore Straits Regatta. This regatta takes place together with the departure of the Volvo Ocean Race. We were able to admire the start of these racing machines from the front row! And we had incredible fun on the Longtze’s. They really are amazing sportboats!
The Team

Longtze rounding Volvo Ocean Race buoy

Everything has to be clean even the masts

Of they go…
Puma and Ericsson rounding the first buoy first!
Next we treated ourselves to the untouched east of Cambodia for Chinese New Year, Ratankiri Province.
We saw amazing sunsets. We met incredibly friendly people. And last but not least… not only did we go hiking in the jungle; we also slept in US Army Hammocks in the middle of the jungle! These hammocks are amazing. They are completely bug-free, thanks to the mosquito net that is incorporated in it! Perfect for definite non-fan of insects like me!

Fishermen on Mekong River

Sunset in Kratie over Mekong

Ratanakiri and the local gang


Tribal woman

Our Ranger

Camp is ready for the night

US Army Hammock with a very happy lady
Campfire Dinner
The gangsta’s

The powerful mystical temples, from dusk till dawn, were visited only last weekend. No need to tell more I think.

5am… cycling to Angkor Wat

Sunrise Angkor Wat

Magical faces of Bayon
Nose to nose with Bayon
War stories

Fronton of Angkor Wat

Getting ready to climb Ta Prohm Lara Croft style

Cambodian style

Elegant style

Climbing Pre Rup for sunset

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