A Table For Two Food Photography Workshop

What a journey…
What a discovery…
What a revelation…
What, what? What am I talking about?
This weekend I finally did it, a foodphotography course by Billy Law from A Table For Two.
I’m not the only one. Well obviously I’m not… the number of food bloggers out there is endless and the world expands every day.
But this weekend was my first exposure to fellow foodbloggers. I’m not the only geek! They too love the food, love the pictures, love to eat. I’ve often read about the mythical food bogging events but this is the first time I have the chance to go to one.
Well it doesn’t really classify as an event I guess. But whatever… I found myself in a room with food bloggers.
And loved it! I feel a very inadequate little duckling next to them but they make me want to be a better blogger. So I’m currently researching on hosting, domains, PHP, VPS, plugins and lots more of Chinese widgets to redesign The Hidden Glasshouse very soon!
Thank you for an interesting weekend guys!

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